Frankies Restaurant And Catering

Welcome and thank you for visiting Frankies. We’re a brand new restaurant but a well known catering service. For the past four and a half years we’ve catered several Wisconsin and Illinois area festivals as well as company events and weddings. All our customers have asked us to open a restaurant so this adventure is an answer to our customers’ pleas. 

Join us to experience delicious dining, takeout food, as well us our fine catering services. Our sides are truly our passion. Our main goal is to share our dynamic cuisine with our customers. All of our dishes have distinct flavors you cannot find anywhere else!
No matter where you travel in this world, food is a focal point and creates lasting memories. And that is just how we want out customers to feel when they have the Frankies experience. 

We hope you enjoy your time with us and leave with a VERY full stomach. If you have any questions, concerns, or catering requests please contact us at (262) 412-9334.

Our Gallery

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